The Server

This is a Minecraft Server.

The DimensionKraft crew made its return to Minecraft hosting in early 2018! Previous players should be pleased to know we have returned and amping it up with brand new worlds, plugins, and hosting style. We welcome new players to come join us and enjoy what has been a glorious journey in the past and make our return better than before!

We have hosted multiple servers in the past and are looking forward to seeing you soon. Bring your friends, your brothers and sisters, EVEN your mother if it so pleases you!

The Staff

The team that created, owns, and manages the DimensionKraft server amongst an occational modpack or specialty server has been hard at work for years. Initially the server was established as a place for a few high-school friends to hang out and play when it was made public for others to join. From the first time we switched on the server in 2012 we have had a few great staff members, some who are still with us, and most who have decided to focus on things that are understandably more important than a little minecraft server that's hosted out of some guys bedroom...

Regardless of staff changes and server refreshes, DimensionKraft remains a strong and defined group passionate individuals that enjoy to host and provide for players worldwide.


  •Respect staff and your fellow players

  •No griefing or stealing of other players property

  •Hacks and advertizing warrant a permanent ban

  •Refrain from racial/ethnic slurs

  •Use common sense


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